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Professional Rainford Honey Bee Nest Removal

Are you experiencing a honey bee control problem? For an efficient solution, call Young's Pest Control for Rainford honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal.

What is a swarm?

Honey Bee swarm in treeA swarm is a collection of honey bees (female workers and a queen) that have separated from their hive in search of a new place to colonize; worker bees will scout ahead to find a suitable site.

Swarms can often land in unusual locations such as shop windows and on the roofs of cars. It can cause people distress when this happens, as many don't realize that swarms are just looking for a place to nest.

If you've spotted a swarm on your property, there is the possibility that it could go on to colonize in or on your home. To prevent a honey bee control problem from developing, our specially-trained exterminators at Young's Pest Control can remove the swarm before it starts to cause issues.

How dangerous are honey bees?

Honey bees have a stinger that can deliver venom, causing pain and swelling. Unless you're allergic to bee stings, this alone will not cause much of a problem. The danger comes from when there is a nest on your property.

Honey bees instinctively release pheromones at the sight of a possible intruder, and these pheromones are a call to arms for thousands of other bees to attack and sting the threat.

The combined venom of many bee stings can cause a reaction in the body, possibly leading to a heart attack. If you are worried about one in your garden or house, we can ensure your safety by removing it quickly with Rainford honey bee nest removal.

How can I spot a honey bee?

Honey Bee HiveHoney bees are insects, so they have three sections to their body: a blackhead, black thorax, and striped abdomen. They are also covered in fine hairs that help with pollen gathering.

Honey bees are often seen on flowers pollinating and gathering nectar to take back to their nests.

Who should I call for honey bee hive removal?

At Young's Pest Control, we are available seven days a week for Rainford honey bee nest removal services. If you've spotted a swarm or a nest, we can efficiently remove it safely and professionally with honey bee swarm removal.