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Efficient Rainford Flea Treatment Services

Cat and dog fleasFleas are tiny insects which are commonly found in the home. They frequent homes where mammals live since they are parasitic on warm-blooded animals. This makes them a great threat to pets such as dogs and cats. Regrettably, they can also attack human beings if they fail to locate their favoured hosts. Flea infestation, therefore, can be a great bother in the home unless proper Rainford flea treatment measures are put in place without delay.

Fleas can quickly reproduce and expand their number within a short time. With a life-cycle that takes only four weeks in the summer, they can quickly multiply to an unmanageable level. Moreover, a female flea can lay hundreds of eggs in just one year. This is an astounding number of eggs that can hatch into young ones if flea control measures are not put in place. Regrettably, Rainford flea treatment at a later stage of an infestation is never easy.

Flea at Larval Stage

Fleas undergo complete metamorphosis just like other true insects. Interestingly, fleas at larval stage never feed on blood. They depend significantly on the excreta of the adults for food. The adults’ waste matter is rich in blood and is a key source of food for fleas at the larval stage. These young ones live on the nest of their host until they are grown enough to acquire a new home. Here are a few facts about the development stages of a flea.Flea

  • Flea eggs are usually deposited on the bedding or body of the host
  • Their eggs measure approximately 0.5 mm
  • Fleas at the pupal stage can lie dormant for up to 8 months in anticipation of a suitable host
  • It takes about 2 weeks for a young flea to develop into an adult insect

Flea Influx Traps

Fleas feed by sucking the blood of the host animal. When they bite on the skin to suck blood, they leave behind red spots on the skin which can be very itchy. The itchiness that they cause on the skin can be enough to deny you a good rest at night when everyone is sleeping. Moreover, some people are overly sensitive to flea bites. Such people may end up harming their skin through excessive scratching.

Pets are also not left out of this quagmire. Allergic animals may end up causing harm to their skin to the extent that skin infection may occur. Such infections need to be treated promptly even as you make arrangements for proper Rainford flea treatment. The good news, however, is that modern Rainford flea treatment methods are very effective. For instance, flea fumigation has always produced excellent results by interrupting the life-cycle of these hardy pests.

Remedy for Flea Infestation

Most home remedies for flea infestation are only temporary. In order to achieve a lasting solution to your flea problem, you should seek expert Rainford flea treatment service. A pest control company will help you fight fleas at different stages of their life in order to avert their reappearance. Call Young’s Pest Control today for effective flea fumigation in order to quench your worries.