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Why Not DIY

Whilst Black Garden ants don't cause any damage to humans straightforwardly. They can contaminate any unprotected food, which can cause you to become sick if you are to eat the contaminated food. Although there are home treatments, these will likely not work as well as you want. Time and again, Young's Pest Control gets phone calls from those who have tried home ant control treatment only to find out that they do not work. DIY products are weaker versions of professional strength products. The most innovative solution is to bring in professionals for the best Rainford ant infestation removal treatment.

Black antBlack Garden Ants
These are the most widely recognized variety and live all through the UK. The worker (male) is around 5mm long - these are the ones that are regularly discovered crawling single file through your home hunting food, preferably sugary food and water, especially when the temperatures are hotter outside. The female boss or Queen is 15mm long at adulthood and usually stays in the nest. One ant is a sign of ant infestation in the house.

Pharoah's Ants

Pharoah's ants can carry many diseases. Although they have wings, they cannot fly but are still mentioned under flying ant infestation if you search for ants on most related websites. Pharoah's ants like to go where blood, excrement, soiled medical waste, and anything you can imagine exists to provide them with a clean or contaminated food source (they are not picky).

AntsThese ants are light tan in the shade and have doubled segmented bodies. They extend from 2mm (male worker ant) to around 4mm (Queen ant). These ants are more treatment-resistant, so do not waste time and money on doing it yourself when Young's Pest Control offers to do it exemplary service! Remember that although they have wings, it is still not an actual flying ant infestation when you have these ants. Rainford ant infestation removal for your ant infestation problem is quick and stress-free when you call us.

Ant Infestation Can Extend Beyond Your House

Whatever type of ant infestation in the house you may face, ants can also find their route into any adjoining walls and properties. If you have a Rainford ant infestation removal issue, be kind to your neighbours or fellow business people and promptly get our ant control services.