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Prescot Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Life Stages of Woodworm

Woodworm larvaeThe four life processes of woodworm are egg, larva, cocoon, adult beetle. Normally, adult beetles will rest their eggs in wooden furniture or in the cracks of wooden beams. Floorboards are also perfect places for eggs to be laid, as they are shielded and protected.

When young hatch their instinct is to burrow into the timber and this makes them almost invisible to the human eye. The larva is extremely ravenous creatures and feeds solely on wood. Young will inhabit the wood for at least a few years and eat their fill before they begin to change.

Within this timeframe, they will dramatically increase in size and will begin to move towards the surface. Eventually, they will transform into adult beetles and emerge from the timber.

Interesting Facts About Woodworm

Different insects are likely to attack different types of timber. They prefer different woods and this will significantly help you in the identification and location process of the concerned species. Many types of woodworm are fond of softer woods such as pine, spruce and cedar. Whereas other species prefer harder varieties such as oak, ash and mahogany. Nevertheless, you should be able to identify the species causing the infestation from the tell-tale signs they leave behind. If you are suffering from an infestation, then professional Prescot woodworm treatment must be administered immediately.

Signs of Woodworm

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingWoodworm exit holes can be found in holes within wood or timber. These holes will be oval in shape and have serrated edges. The holes may initially appear clean and fresh. Tunnels should also be apparent in the wood; these are more commonly known as galleries. However, these galleries are hard to see because they are buried deep within the wood. Dust should also be evident from surfacing beetles who have been living within the timber.

Weak and damaged floorboards often show signs of woodworm infestation. Sometimes a floorboard may be that unstable that it may give way. If you are suffering from these types of problem then Prescot woodworm treatment spray or treatment for woodworm removal may be necessary.

Crumbling wood may point to an immediate problem within a household and this may also indicate unsteady joists or floorboards.

Understanding and Dealing with a Woodworm Problem

Here at Young's Pest Control, we take woodworm infestation very seriously; therefore, if you contact us with an immediate problem we will visit your property and conduct an initial survey. This survey will allow us to make an informed decision as to which is the best course of action to take. Some infestations will need specified Prescot woodworm treatment spray and some may need woodworm removal treatment for furniture methods. If a problem is left, then infestations may begin to weaken the structure of the house and cause serious health and safety problems.

Our Prescot woodworm treatment furniture products and woodworm infestation treatment are tailored to the need of the customer and their property. If you suspect an infestation, then why not give us a call? A professional member of the team will be able to guide you through the services we offer.