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Professional Prescot Mole Trapping and Control

Molehills Are Big Enough To Be Mountains

Moles in the United Kingdom have known vermin due to their burrowing and yard harm. Lesser known however just as critical is the way that they will result in harm to electrical wires, cables, pipes and more including your pets. They pose a danger to people when attempts are made to deal with Prescot mole trapping by yourself. Mole control is something that you can order from Young's Pest Control 24/7, so do not hesitate to call us.

We Know Your Enemy

Mole in a molehillYoung's Pest Control is your ideal approach to get proper Prescot mole trapping and mole pest control support. It is very frustrating to see the damage that a mole can do to a garden, from the grooves in the grass which indicate tunnels to the little mounds of dirt indicating entry and exit spots for moles. Plants and trees dying from root damage, and even your safety at stake if a mole chews through an important wire, cable or pipe.


Called insectivorous creatures on the grounds that they will consume bugs as well as their preferred earthworms and grubs, moles don't have much motivation to come aboveground as long as they can keep on tunnelling their way through enough earth to find the earthworm and grub feeding materials they need on a daily basis - which is nearly their entire body weight worth of food.

About Moles

Following two months post-birth mole young are prepared to begin burrowing and discovering their nourishment underground. Fortunately females just have one litter for every year, however, there can be as few as three or upwards of six moles for every litter. They have long adaptable noses, very good hearing, and little vision. Moles take the job of feeding themselves very seriously, working and sleeping around the clock. A mole will work for four hours then sleep for four hours, night and day.

We'll Take The Bite

Full size moleQualified experts at Young's Pest Control mean proper mole control, not at all like any confused, and without a doubt, dangerous DIY mole vermin control which a property holder may attempt. You cannot be bitten when you let us do the job! Do not worry, however, we are good at what we do so that this does not happen to us either.

Keep Away From Moles

Moles prefer life alone except when mating. If you see a mole, leave it alone and make sure your pets and children cannot get to it. Call Young's Pest Control for all of your Prescot mole trapping and control needs.