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Getting Rid of Bees with Professional Prescot Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerIn the UK, there are roughly twenty different species of bee. Many of them are native, but some have arrived from other countries and established themselves here.

• All bees are pollinators and are very important to the ecosystem. Some species are endangered, so an accurate identification of the insect must be carried out

• Honey bees are sometimes confused with wasps because they are smaller than the bumblebee that everyone is familiar with, and they are not furry either. They are smooth and brown and very active. A professional honey bee control expert will be able to tell you exactly which variety of insect is present

• Swarming occurs when part of the colony of bees leaves the nest to create another colony. A large number of insects can be seen gathering together on posts or tree branches, for example. When the time is right, they will all move the location together. Experienced technicians should only tackle honey bee swarm removal.

Most stinging insects can be left alone, and they do not cause a nuisance to people. However, if a nest is on property close to children or an older adult, removing a safe Prescot honey bee nest is strongly suggested. If bees feel threatened, they can sting multiple times, which is very dangerous to humans and even cause death.

Honey Bee swarm in treeBees make their nests in dry, safe places and can be found in garages, roof spaces, under floorboards, and wall cavities. Unfortunately, they make wax combs and honey in these nests, which can cause property damage, and it’s hard to get rid of this completely.

Professional Honey Bee Hive Removal

To make sure family and pets are safe, call a professional Prescot honey bee nest removal company. Young’s Pest Control has many years of experience and will identify the bee species and carry out the efficient Prescot honey bee hive removal straight away.

Call Young’s for a discreet Prescot honey bee nest removal at a time that suits you. With the most up-to-date knowledge and modern equipment, you know the job will be done correctly.

Honey bee swarm removal needs to be handled by someone who knows exactly what they are doing, with the correct protective clothing and insecticides. Choose a honey bee control company you can rely on to turn up promptly, do the work quickly and cleanly and at a time that suits you.