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An Overview of Prescot Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel has become one of the most destructive animals in the UK. These invasive animals have spread rapidly across the UK since they were brought in from the USA over a century ago. Regrettably, they have become an annoyance both in homes and in the wild. This has since provoked various debates about grey squirrel control in the UK.


Grey squirrel close upGrey squirrels live mainly in the wild. They can thrive best in woods, shrubs and trees since they depend on plants for food and nesting materials. Primarily, they feed on seeds, nuts, berries, insects, fungi, fruits, flowers and even buds. They can also invade the home and nest in lofts, attics and roof spaces. Regrettably, they can be very destructive if left to inhabit any part of the home. Some of the damages they can cause in a property are listed below:

•Cause damage by gnawing on pipes, roof stratus and rafters
•Chew up timber and electric cables
•Raid bird feeders for eggs
•Dig up and eat bulbs in gardens
•Destroy plants by eating their flowers, nuts, seed and buds

Danger to Pests and Humans

Squirrels do not transmit any known disease to human beings. There are, however, several reasons why you should not let them thrive in your home. For instance, they can easily bite when frightened. Additionally, they can introduce fleas into the house, which might add to both pets and human beings. Flea bites are known to be very itchy and may cause skin irritation to both animals and humans.

The Best Approach to Squirrel Removal

Grey squirrel pestPrescot grey squirrel control in homes can be tricky unless an expert is involved in the extermination process. The most challenging part when fighting squirrel incidence in the home is that their nests are primarily located in some of the most inaccessible features of the house, such as lofts, chimneys and roof spaces. For this reason, only experts can carry out effective squirrel removal treatment using their refined pieces of equipment. Moreover, Prescot grey squirrel control methods involve more than wiping out the few animals residing in your home. Counteractive measures must be put in place to ensure that your home is sealed enough to keep off a further invasion.

Prescot grey squirrel control is inevitable since these animals are even a threat to native wildlife. However, to fight them, you need professional help. Call Young’s Pest Control today to help you fight grey squirrel occurrence on your property.