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Professional Newton-Le-Willows Mole Trapping

Let's face facts moles are irritating pests. Whether they are tearing up your garden or scaring your pets, no one likes to have a mole problem. Fortunately, Young's Pest Control offers excellent service when it comes to Newton-Le-Willows mole trapping and control.

Mole in a molehillAs well as this, a mole can carry diseases such as rabies and can pass this onto pets such as cats and dogs when they interact with a mole. For this reason, it is essential to get rid of any moles you find. Luckily, Young's pest control offers expert mole pest control and excellent service for Newton-Le-Willows mole trapping.

It is essential to take care of any mole problems you have as not only do moles ruin your lawn, whether at home or on a golf course, they can also burst water mains which can lead to expensive flood damage. So instead of paying out thousands of pounds in flood damages, call Young's pest control today for expert mole control.

Not only do moles cause damage themselves, but they can also attract predators such as foxes. Foxes can cause even more damage by digging for moles and killing chickens or attacking any household pets you have. So notes attract predators and cause damage. They can cause the total death of your lawn which can be bad for your business. Instead of risking the attraction of moles to your property, call Young's for mole pest control and Newton-Le-Willows mole trapping services today.

How do I know if I have moles?
Mole moundThere are a few signs to look out for to check if you have any moles on your property.

  • Molehills
  • dead areas of grass
  • the death of plants in your garden

As moles create tunnels and come up from underground, they create molehills. Whilst tunnelling, they can disturb the roots of grass or damage other plant roots causing the plant to die. If you spot any of the signs above, you may have moles. If this is the case, call Young's pest control today for expert Newton-Le-Willows mole trapping.

So if you have moles on your property and are tired of the mess, they make contact with Young's pest control for mole control. Well known for high levels of customer service, don't hesitate to call for any mole pest control needs. Young's will do their best to sort your mole problem for good.