bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Newton-Le-Willows BumbleBee Control Treatment: Vital Information

Bees are always buzzing in your garden especially during summer. Most people are only aware of honey bees. However, there are other types of bees. These are bumblebees, masonry and mortar bees.

Bumblebee facts
Bumblebees, unlike honey bees, are larger in size. Moreover, their bodies are furry and round. You can easily identify bumble bees from their orange and black coats. Bumblebees are social insects. They live in colonies that consist of the queen, the drones which are male bees and the workers which are female bees. It is important to note that it is only the queen and the female or worker bees that have stings. Bumblebees are docile insects. Nevertheless, they can become aggressive when their nest is threatened. It is for this reason that you should look for professionals for Newton-Le-Willows bumblebee control. There are 24 species of bumblebees in the UK. Common species you are likely to see in gardens and parks include the garden, red tail, health and tree bumble bees.

Tree bumblebees

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Tree bumblebees have blackheads and abdomens and brownish ginger thoraxes. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their whitetails. The bees love to build their nest in house soffits and bird boxes. If you suspect there is a tree bumblebee nest in your home, it is important that you contact Newton-Le-Willows bumblebee control experts like Young’s Pest Control. This is because the bees are very defensive of their nests and can become aggressive when threatened. Experts in Newton-Le-Willows bumble bee removal like Young’s pest control will first identify the particular bumblebee species. Subsequently, they will use a method or treatment that will get rid of the bees efficiently and safely.

Why you should hire professionals for bumblebee removal
It saves time

One reason why you should hire professionals for Newton-Le-Willows bumblebee control is that it will save time. Experts like Young’s Pest Control have been in the business for a considerable amount of time. They know how to effectively get rid of bees in the shortest time possible. Apart from bumblebee nest removal, Young’s Pest Control can also help you get rid of other types of bees and/or deal with a rodent infestation.

Guaranteed service
Guaranteed service is another reason to hire experts. Professionals like Young’s Pest Control value their customers. Accordingly, they offer a warranty for their services. If they are not able to get rid of all the bees the first time around, they will administer a second treatment free of charge.