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Limit Damage with Professional Maghull Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation can take hold in any home that has wood features and this includes most UK properties. Whether it is wooden furniture, building timbers, or floorboards, most homes have items that woodworm can attack, and if they do it can cause significant problems. Anyone that becomes aware of an infestation should act quickly to get professional help. By employing experts they can be sure that they will get the right Maghull woodworm treatment to destroy them. Young’s Pest Control is a company that can provide this treatment and customers are welcome to contact us for a consultation.

Basic Woodworm Information

Woodworm is not actually insects in their own right. Rather, they are the wood-eating grub stage in the normal development of a few types of beetles. The adult beetles mate to produce eggs from which the grubs emerge and bore inside a wooden object. Woodworm can survive for a number of years before pupating to produce an adult beetle.

Types of Beetle

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe insect most likely to be the cause of a woodworm infestation in a UK home is the Common Furniture Beetle. While its name might suggest that Maghull woodworm treatment spray would need to be aimed at furniture, this beetle can and does attack any wood features in a home. Other species that have a woodworm grub stage in their development include Deathwatch, Powderpost, and House Longhorn Beetles. The Maghull woodworm treatment for furniture pieces or other timber items needed is dependent on which of the beetle species is causing the problems. It is therefore important to bring in a woodworm removal treatment expert, as they can accurately identify the different species and in this way decide which Maghull woodworm treatment spray will be the most effective to use.

Potential Damage

A woodworm infestation has the potential to cause major damage to any timber it attacks. Much of this takes place internally as the woodworm bore tunnels while they feed. It only really becomes obvious that damage is occurring when adult beetles emerge from the pupa and create exit holes on the wood surface to free themselves. If sufficient numbers of woodworm attack an object, the tunnels they leave can weaken it. This is obviously a cause for concern if structural features in a home are affected and treatment for woodworm removal needs to be put in place rapidly to stop the damage worsening.

Young’s Pest Control Woodworm Expertise

Woodworm larvaeOur woodworm experts have the training to be able to recognise the different beetle types and can inspect a home to establish the extent of a problem. They will recommend the Maghull woodworm treatment your furniture will require, as well as the Maghull woodworm treatment spray that should be applied to other wood features affected in a home. We offer a proven service that has been used in many properties to give the owner peace of mind that a woodworm problem has been dealt with. For details of this or to schedule an inspection, just call to talk with one of our experienced staff.