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Expert Maghull Mole Trapping and Control

Mole in a molehillIn many countries, moles are considered to be pests. This is due to the extent of the damage that they can cause to properties by their tunnels. As moles are tunnelling they will over turnstones. These stones can then damage the equipment used to till the land. Tunnelling can also ruin the roots of plants, grass and crops. Finally, the tunnels caused by the moles can be ruin otherwise pristine lawns or sports grounds. It is for these reasons that it is generally considered advisable to contact a mole control technician if you have signs of moles on your property. A Maghull mole trapping technician will be able to quickly and humanely implement mole pest control on your property while minimizing the potential impact.

The Eating Patterns Of Moles

The mole diet is primarily compose of earthworms. Moles can also feed on beetles and other smaller insects. In some cases, moles will eat larger creatures including baby mice. The mole has relatively large nutrition needs and consumes approximately it's own body weight every single day. In order to make it through the winter months, they will store up earthworms in a storage area inside of their tunnels. This storage area can be made up of hundreds of worms that are available to be eaten. In order to prevent the worms from crawling away, the mole will chew off their front. however they earthworm will still be alive and able to be consumed later when the mole requires nutrition. The tunnels dug by moles are in actual fact a complex way of trapping the earthworms which make up their diet. When earthworms fall into the tunnels the mole is able to detect thanks to their sensitive snout. This allows them to quickly track down the earthworm either to consume straight away or to store for later on.

Full size moleMole Pest Control Expertise

Moles may not mean to cause damage to the property where they set up home, but unfortunately there presence can still cause a lot of harm. Fixing the damage caused by a mole infestation can be exceedingly costly. When moles are found on your property the next step should be to contact a qualified mole control service like Young's Pest Control. They have the Maghull mole trapping expertise to end your mole problem before more damage is done to your lawn, garden, farm or sports ground.