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Professional Maghull Grey Squirrel Control

Who are the Grey Squirrels?

Grey squirrels were introduced to the UK from America in the late 19th / early 20th century as a fashionable addition to country estates. With their grey coats, white undersides and a bushy tail almost as long as their 30cm bodies, they fit into the cute and cuddly mould, and you may wonder why there is such a debate over Maghull grey squirrel control and why you might want to remove squirrels from the environment around your home.

What damage can a Grey Squirrel do?

Grey squirrel pestThe debate about Maghull grey squirrel control comes mainly because of their impact on England's native red squirrel population. They have displaced the red squirrel in many areas because they are more aggressive eaters and remove their food source. They also carry more fat, so they hibernate better over winter. Perhaps more importantly, though, they have a deadly pox virus that does not affect them but can kill a red squirrel in around two weeks.

With a growing squirrel, population food does get scared, and when their usual diet of plant matter is not available, they will eat: insects, smaller rodents, birds, eggs and nestlings. This can have an impact on the local bird population.

Squirrel removal is also a hot topic in the forestry forums as a high density of grey squirrels in an area can lead to debarking of trees, which can lead to tress dying. In some areas, the grey squirrel has done horrendous damage to the native beech tree population.

While you might want to consider Maghull grey squirrel control near your home for these environmental reasons, you might also consider Maghull grey squirrel control for purely personal reasons. For example, if a squirrel should find their way into your roofing spaces, they can cause damage to your insulation and electrical wiring. And where one squirrel goes, others will surely follow.

How do I go about Squirrel Removal?

Grey squirrel close upOnce you have identified that you want to remove a grey squirrel, perhaps your best bet is to contact a pest control specialist like us here at Young's Pest Control. We will deal with the removal and disposal of the grey squirrel humanely and within local authority guidelines.

You can rest assured that once Young's Pest Control has removed grey squirrels from your environment, your home and surroundings will be free for you and your family to flourish.