Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Maghull BumbleBee Control

Tree BumbleBees

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

If it seems like bumblebees are becoming a pest more frequently than they used to, it's because of the European tree bumblebee. Native species of bumblebee nest in all sorts of places, but commonly underground, are less likely to cause problems unless people or pets get too close to their homes. On the other hand, tree bumblebees like to nest above ground, whether at approximately person height in trees or artificial structures like buildings.
This makes them much more likely to cross paths with people, and their more aggressive disposition makes them more likely to sting when they do. In addition, they are susceptible to any vibrations that disturb the nest and post sentries that patrol the nest area - this makes it very easy to disturb the nest and accidentally provoke an attack. Finally, many people don't even know the bees are there until a slammed door or dropped object starts a swarm.

BumbleBees as Pests

Although the tree bumblebee is mostly like bee species to cause problems, any species of the bumblebee can become a pest if it nests in the wrong area: bees nesting in the attic or the interior space of walls can cause damage to the building if the hive becomes very large and can be an irritating source of a constant buzzing or humming sound. Bees nesting in openings such as a tumble dryer vent can clog up the flue and cause a fire hazard. Of course, any stinging insect living near people is a safety risk, and bumblebees are no exception. Bumblebees lose their stinger when they attack, meaning that it remains stuck in the skin and continue to pump venom even after the bee has flown off and died. A significant percentage of people are allergic to bee venom and will require prompt medical attention if stung.

Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

Maghull BumbleBee Removal

Maghull bumblebee control is the best way to eliminate the risks caused by bumblebees, but bumblebee control can be hazardous. Not only does the risk of a sting increase, but other injuries such as falls are a problem if the nest is located high up, and handling insecticides create a risk of poisoning. Young's Pest Control offers affordable Maghull bumblebee control services performed by skilled experts, ensuring that the job is done safely and promptly.