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Liverpool Honey Bee Nest Removal and Honey Bee Control

Here at Young’s Pest Control, we offer Liverpool honey bee nest removal and honey bee control. If you suspect a problem, then you should contact us immediately. When we come to your property we will conduct an initial survey in order to establish the extent of the problem. We will then discuss the best course of action to take with you and undertake the necessary work immediately.

We employ a dedicated team of beekeepers, who have years of experience of Liverpool honey bee nest removal and honey bee control. Our team will always try to remove hives carefully and re-house them, but we can not always guarantee a positive end.

Honey Bee Behaviour and Identification

Honey Bee swarm in treeHoney bees live in groups known as commonly known as ‘colonies’. These colonies are comprised of a queen and between 350-400 bees. However, colonies normally consist of between 50-100 bees and a queen. Honey bees will frequent one nest in their lifetime, whereas bumblebees move on to a new nest every year.

Honey bees possess the ability to sting multiple times, but will only do so if their life is threatened. Honey bees do have the tendency to swarm and problems occur on a property when thousands of honey bees begin to group together.

Honey bees can swarm and create their nest in walls and in trees. Nests of this nature can cause serious health problems and should be removed professionally immediately. Honey bees are a protected species, but if they are proving a risk to health they can be removed. If access to a nest is problematic, they will be removed through other extermination methods.

Identifying a Problem

If there is a high number of insects swarming and gathering in or around your property, then you should have immediate concerns. We advise that you tentatively investigate the problem and try to establish the cause of the problem. Honey bees on your property may not point to an immediate problem, but swarming may be a future occurrence.

Honey Bee HiveRemoval by Young’s Pest Control - Honey Bee Swarm Removal and Liverpool Honey Bee Nest Removal Services

Do not ever try to remove bees from a property because multiple stings could be incurred. We offer the following services:

- Honey bee swarm removal and Liverpool honey bee nest removal – swarms are physically taken off your property, which does not harm the bees. We will then try to re-home the nest.

- Honey bee hive removal- If bees have constructed a hive on your property, then we will need to call us immediately. Hives are comprised of sheet material that can lead to other infestations. Treatment is usually administered in the form of a powder or spray, as this will maximize its effect and extermination success. Our honey bee removal service may be more expensive than other treatments because of the time taken to complete a job.