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Professional Litherland Flea Treatment

Why Choose us?

FleaIn these financially shaky times, it is understandable that you may be tempted to attempt dealing with your flea control problems yourself. However, it is a widely accepted professional opinion that using DIY pest products to tackle flea infestation may turn out to be a gamble you can't afford. Through customer testimonies and market research, it has been repeatedly proven that these cheap Litherland flea treatment methods can contain insufficient levels of pesticide or insecticide, the main active ingredients of such products. When investing in DIY methods to tackle their flea infestation, many people can be left out of pocket and disappointed with the fruits of their labour. At Young's Pest Control, we do not disappoint, offering outstanding professional flea fumigation, and other fast, effective methods of Litherland flea treatment, with several set price packages to fit every budget.

About Fleas

Cat and dog fleasFleas are a fairly unique pest, in how difficult it is to identify an infestation, simply from their minuscule size. A fully grown flea is around two millimetres long, with overlapping, rigid plates on its back and long, bent hind legs for leaping from one food source to the other. If you look very closely, a small, curled needle-like appendage can be seen hanging down from the mouth, which is used for piercing and sucking. Without the application of competent Litherland flea treatment, this particular pest can reproduce rapidly, and establish a long-running infestation, as adult fleas can survive for several weeks without a blood meal. Litherland flea treatment is probably most frequently required in domestic homes, as a wall to wall carpeting provides an ideal and relatively undisturbed environment in which flea larvae can develop, and central heating can provide favourable temperature conditions. One of the signs of flea infestation can be abrupt, unusual allergic reactions in people within your household. In less common cases, fleas can spread blood-borne diseases between humans and animals; many historical scientists now hold fleas responsible for the rapid spread of the bubonic plague (black death) in 1665. If you discover a flea problem in your residence, it is recommended that you invest in Litherland flea treatment as soon as possible, as they are notorious bastions of disease and parasitic worms.

Our Services

Although the flea is probably the most elusive pest we deal with, once our trained staff can assess the species and extent of the infestation, we will use trusted, up to date equipment to trace what evidence there is to the pest. This will help our team identify probable hosts to the pests, and even the largest concentration of fleas within the property, which is important for targeting nests as well as adult fleas. Once the situation has been looked over, flea fumigation tools and insecticides can be deployed in strategic places around the residence, effectively eradicating your flea problem and preventing infestations in the future. Alternatively, if mice and rats are identified as the fleas' primary host, rodenticides can be used to remove both pests, and kill two birds with one stone.