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Professional Litherland Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Bed bugs are black/brown coloured insects that are flat and oval in shape and feed solely on blood. They are mainly active at night, and after feeding they become bloated and reddish.

An infestation can be very difficult to fully eradicate without a professional Litherland bed bug treatment plan. Here at Young's Pest Control, we offer affordable and efficient bed bug control with trained technicians.

About bed bugs

Bed BugBed bugs live for between 4 to 6 months if they have a food source, but they can survive up to a year when food is scarce. They lay their eggs in small seams and crevices in places such as headboards and bed frames so that their young are close to the food source. When they hatch, the young bed bugs, called nymphs, begin to feed immediately and over the next 5 weeks shed their skin several times before reaching maturity. A single female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime so that under the right conditions an infestation will rapidly increase which will make Litherland bed bug treatment much more difficult.

Since bed bug removal is much easier with a small infestation than a large one, it is highly recommended that you act as soon as you first detect signs that you may require Litherland bed bug treatment.


Bed bugs tend to live close to their food source and although they cannot fly they can crawl rapidly, living up to a metre away from the bed in places such as chairs, curtains, carpet edges and bedside tables.
Due to their small size and resilience bed bugs are easily brought into your house. Often a bed bug infestation starts after you bring in a second-hand bed frame, return from holiday or when friends and family come to stay. Once present they will spread easily through the building, travelling along pipes or through holes and cracks in the walls.

Signs that you need Litherland bed bug treatment

Bed bug imageSigns to look for that suggest you need bed bug treatment.

  • You wake up feeling itchy or have an unexplained rash
  • Tiny black spots on your mattress or sheets; this may be bed bug faeces
  • Blood spots on your sheets; this may be from a crushed bed bug that has been feeding on you
  • Shed bed bug shells; bed bugs shed their skin as they grow
  • Possible unusual odour

Having bed bugs in your home can be upsetting and embarrassing, and if they are at your business premises then it can have financial implications. So call us at Young's Pest Control for a quote on our Litherland bed bug treatment service and eradicate the worry.