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Professional Kirkby Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is a common problem that affects timber and is caused by several beetle species in the UK. These beetles are usually found in nature but will infest any suitable wooden items in the home, including chairs and joists.

Young’s Pest Control offers a Kirkby woodworm treatment spray service that can eradicate and prevent any infestations in your property. If you have spotted the tell-tale signs, we are ready and waiting to apply treatment for woodworm removal on the infestation and prevent it from coming back, ensuring you receive a value-for-money service with Kirkby woodworm treatment furniture products.

The life of a beetle

Woodworm larvaeA suitable item of timber to a wood-boring beetle is damp and full of nutrients. Once a beetle lands on a piece of wood, it will lay its eggs into any crevices and cracks. The larvae that hatch from these eggs will then begin to bore into the wood. Over several years, these larvae will create tunnels, known as galleries, which will weaken the timber. Eventually, the larvae will form pupae, the last developmental stage before an adult beetle emerges and creates an exit hole in the wood.

Every type of wood can be affected by woodworm but usually only by certain species. The Common Furniture beetle, for example, will only target softwoods, which is in contrast to the Powder Post beetle that attacks hardwoods.

The different species will also have their lifecycle periods, which can range from one to several years. The Common Furniture Beetle can take as many as seven years to develop, similar to the House Longhorn beetle. However, unlike these two, the Powder Post beetle usually only takes one year to develop from egg to adult fully.

How the beetle leaves its mark

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingOnce they emerge from a piece of wood, they will leave behind a tiny hole and some fine dust, which are two things to look out for in a woodworm infestation. The other signs include beetles flying indoors between May and October as they emerge from the wood and look for a mate. The remnants of this period of activity will be dead beetles close to affected timber.

The tunnels created in timber by the larvae will be structurally weakening, which is a problem for pieces of wood that act as a supporting framework, which is true in the case of floorboards, roof supports and joists. In these situations, it’s vital to call in our Kirkby woodworm treatment spray specialist to protect your property and save on what could be a costly reconstruction job.

A Kirkby woodworm treatment furniture service

The people to call for Kirkby woodworm removal treatment options are the specialists at Young’s Pest Control. The job of inspecting a woodworm infestation should be left to an expert eye, as a successful treatment requires knowing which species is the culprit, whether they are active, how badly damaged the structures are and what you should treat with spray.