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Rejuvenate Your Garden with Expert Kirkby Mole Trapping Service

Moles are widespread across Europe, yet very few people know anything about them. This is a result of their burrowing habit that keeps them underground most of the time. Below are a few physical characteristics that are common with different mole species.

  • Full size moleThey have strong forelimbs with claws well adapted for digging
  • They have a pink muzzle that is almost hairless
  • Their cylindrical body is covered with very soft, thick fur
  • They have no protruding ears that can be easily seen
  • Their cylindrical body measure roughly 15 cm long

Garden Moles

Kirkby mole trapping and control is inevitable for this species of mole once they invade your garden. This is the most common species of mole, which homeowners struggle to eliminate day in day out. With their well-adapted forelimbs, one mole can create an underground tunnel measuring 4 min just a single hour. This leads to the destruction of plants, flowers and grass that grow above the mole tunnels. Kirkby mole trapping in gardens is only standard because of the damage they can cause to valued lands such as flower beds, lawns and gardens.

Gardens and lawns have vibrant soil that worms and insect larva can thrive on. Remember that earthworms and insect larva are exceptional meals for moles. Moles, therefore, will frequent your garden because there is plenty of food available on the ground. At the same time, greens support mole activity since garden soil is never too dry or wet for the mole to dig. Only through efficient Kirkby mole trapping and control can you rejuvenate your garden and see it blossom again.

Tunnels and Molehills

Mole moundMolehills can never miss in an area where mole activity is expected. The molehills and surface tunnels are always a true sign of mole presence in a room. Unfortunately, it can be annoying to have molehills and surface tunnels littering your valued lawn. Most people, therefore, resort to Kirkby mole trapping so that their lawns can flourish effectively. However, mole control treatment should be handled by a trained individual. Inexpert handling of traps may lead to no catch for a very long stint, yet your garden shall still be under threat.

Kirkby mole trapping or control is never easy, even if you have only one or two animals that are a constant bother on your property. Call Young’s Pest Control for a complete mole control treatment that will relieve you of your mole problem within just a few days.