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Professional Kirkby Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusA homeowner suffering from a mice infestation will often have many questions regarding this rodent, including what dangers they pose, how they might have gained entry and what clues they leave behind that point towards a mouse control issue.

These are all queries answered in this article, which also provides information on Young’s Pest Control, a Kirkby mice control company that has handled many mice infestation cases in its time and therefore knows the best practices in dealing effectively with this elusive rodent for mouse removal.

The elusive mouse

I say elusive because a combination of its small size and exclusively nocturnal habits mean you will rarely see one; if they are seen in the daytime, that means that they are particularly desperate in their search for food.

Of the species found in the UK, the house mouse is more likely to nest in your home, especially if you live in urban areas. That said, all species will resort to searching households for food because they like to feed on scraps left by humans such as cheese, crumbs and cereal.

Why you should call professional Kirkby mice control

It can be tough to locate and kill mice that have infested a home because throughout most. There are hiding spaces and places to move around undetected, including in wall cavities, lofts and spaces under floorboards. Also, at night there is usually nothing stopping them from venturing out in search of food as they can fit through holes the size of a pencil, so squeezing under doors is no problem.

For this reason alone, most homeowners will call upon the Kirkby mice control services of a pest control company such as Young’s Pest Control to remove a mouse infestation. The other reasons are:

Mouse Nest• A person undertaking DIY to remedy the situation might, in their inexperience, get things wrong and place traps in the wrong place, which can lead to bait shyness on the part of the mice, making the job harder later on.
• Young’s Pest Control use poisons that are much more effective than the products found in shops and will guarantee any traps placed down will serve their purpose.
• To be sure of eradicating an infestation, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort into surveying your property for things such as entry points, putting together an effective plan and taking the time to place traps in well-thought-out places, making sure to replace them often. Although, as to most people, their time is valuable, it would make sense to call pest control and let them worry about the logistics.

The importance of mouse control

Lastly, there are many dangers associated with a mice infestation, including:

• Diseases: mice are carriers of a range of pathogens and bacteria that can cause serious harm to humans. When a mouse moves around, it will leave behind urine and faeces that contain bacteria that can cause Hantavirus and Lyme disease.