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Professional Kirkby Flea Treatment Service

Young's Pest Control provide a professional Kirkby flea treatment service for domestic and commercial premises. Gardens, parkland and lawns may also require flea control to prevent a continuing problem.

Types of Fleas
Cat and dog fleasThe UK has several types of fleas, all of which cause severe discomfort and sometimes ill health. The most common are those affecting domestic animals such as the dog flea and the cat flea, but expert Kirkby flea treatment is also required for bird fleas, affected farm or wild animals and less commonly for human fleas.

A flea infestation can be hugely unpleasant. Females lay up to 50 eggs a day, and within three weeks, one flea may have multiplied 1000 times or more using the blood of a host species as a food source. Although principally specific to one particular host, if this is not present, they will bite other hosts, including humans, causing extreme irritation, which can last for several days. In both people and animals, the bites may lead to allergic reactions and other skin conditions, including infection and, in some cases, problems with hair loss or anaemia. Kirkby flea treatment and control is essential for dogs as they act as a carrier for dog tapeworm. In previous centuries fleas carried by rodents were associated with bubonic plague and typhus.

Flea fumigation is a task requiring professional expertise and understanding of the problem as all types of fleas have a life cycle involving four stages:

Flea1) the egg, which is barely visible to the naked eye, is laid in bedding and carpets but also in lawns and elsewhere to incubate for anything between a few days to several months;
2) larvae, which hatch in their nest when conditions are right and survive on adult droppings and skin fragments left by their future hosts;
3) pupae, a stage during which the larvae form a cocoon and eventually emerge as adult fleas;
4) the adult flea hatches from the pupae and is ready to inhabit its living host as a parasite, feeding on blood and laying further eggs which fall into the nest area again, re-starting the cycle.

Kirkby flea treatment is essential at all life cycle stages as they are supremely adapted to their environment. Adult fleas have tough plate-like outer shells, and their legs are designed to cling to their host during movement and grooming and allow them to jump up to 150 times their body length spreading the flea infestation rapidly. Their complete life cycle can be as short as two weeks, but in adverse conditions, they may delay hatching for months and remain dormant for long periods. Their eggs are stimulated to hatch by temperature and movement, which indicates a suitable host's presence. Therefore, central heating, warm temperatures, and the presence of domestic pets are ideal catalysts for the start of a flea infestation.

Therefore, the most appropriate Kirkby flea treatment should be carried out by a professional company such as Young's Pest Control to ensure successful and lasting flea removal.