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Professional Huyton-With-Roby Rat Control Treatments

Brown RatRats are one of the most severe pest problems homeowners face. Rats can spread disease, cause property damage and may potentially bite if cornered. If you suspect there are rats on your property, then you should call Young's pest control. Young's pest control are the experts in safe and humane pest control treatment.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Rats

Rats have large teeth and will use them to bite if they perceive they are being threatened. Rats will generally try to avoid people, but they will bite to defend themselves if they are cornered. The danger of rat bites is not just that they are very painful. The saliva of some rat species contains diseases, including Hantavirus and Leptospirosis. It is even possible to contract rat-bite fever if bitten by a rat. Rat bites are not that common, but when they happen, they can be very dangerous. If you suspect there are rats on your property, then you need to contact Young's pest control so that they help end your Huyton-With-Roby rat infestation quickly and efficiently.

What Rats Eat

Rats are known as opportunistic feeders. This means that they will feed on a wide range of different foods. This can include anything from the carcasses of other animals to stored food in your kitchen. Some types of rats, such as the brown rat, prefer to feed on meat scraps, whereas the roof rat favours eating fruit. Rats will often be attracted by food to houses. Open food sources such as pet food bowls and garbage cans can bring rats onto the property. Evidence shows that the proliferation of food waste in suburban and urban environments leads to a more significant rise than average-sized rats. Young's pest control Huyton-With-Roby rat control technicians can advise you how to minimise or eliminate the abundance of food sources and avoid rat problems in the future.

Destruction Caused By Rats

Rats are not just opportunistic feeders. They are also very determined when it comes to accessing those food sources. Rats will gnaw through virtually anything if they think it will allow them to get at a food source. This is why rats will often cause damage to water pipes, joists and electrical cabling as it ignores their way to an available food source. This can cause significant and expensive damage to the property.

Signs Of A Rat Infestation

Suppose you susperatct that there are rats on your property of the following signs. Rat droppings which are approximately the size of a large piece of rice but black, are one of the first things that many homeowners notice. The average rate will leave behind foodie droppings a day, and so this is one of the best ways to detect rats on your property. Rats are often also heard before they are seen. You can frequently listen to rats as they are present under your floorboards or behind walls. Roof rats can be heard scurrying about your ceiling.

If you have noted any of the signs above, you need to call Young Pest control to get rid of rats inside your home. Young's Pest Control can send one of our professional Huyton-With-Roby rat control technicians to your property to determine the nature of your rat infestation and the best pest control treatment to employ.