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Expert Huyton-With-Roby Mole Trapping and Control Services

Full size moleMoles have a reasonably benign image, but they can cause more damage than many people realize. Below you can learn more about these common pests and why you should contact a Huyton-With-Roby mole trapping and control service as soon as possible if you suspect the presence of moles. A mole control firm will be able to end your mole problem once and for all.

Moles will spend most of their time underground, but they will come out of the ground during drier periods. A food shortage usually drives this. This is why it is usually easiest to detect the presence of moles if there is an extended period without rain.

Key Facts About Moles

* A common misconception about moles is that they are blind. Moles do have eyes and ears. However, these are small to protect them during tunnelling. While moles can see, they suffer from poor eyesight, and they cannot detect colour. Moles are only able to distinguish light from the dark and if there is movement. Mole can locate other animals using the bare skin on its snout, which can sense motion.

* Moles are essentially loners and will only meet up with other males during breeding. Moles typically produce 1 to 2 litres every year. Each of these litters will contain about three to six babies. The mother will look after these moles for about a month. Therefore, preventing your mole population from increasing requires mole control expertise.

Mole in a molehill* Moles need to consume a significant amount of food each day. Therefore, moles need to eat their body weight. The mole the earthworm for their diet but will also eat other insects and grubs. The tunnelling networks which are developed by the mole are a means of locating earthworms. When an earthworm falls into the tunnel, the mole can detect its presence. During Autumn, they will store earthworms in small storage space. They can then eat the stored earthworms during the colder winter months.

Your Mole Pest Control Solution

Moles can cause considerable property damage. Their tunnelling activities can ruin lawns, greens, and sports fields. It can also open up rocks and stones, which may destroy expensive gardening equipment. If you believe that you have moles on your property, it's recommended that you get in contact with the Huyton-With-Roby mole trapping experts. Young's Pest Control provides safe, reliable and humane mole trapping services.