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Huyton-With-Roby Honey Bee Nest Removal and Control

Of all the bees, honey bee control is perhaps the most difficult. Compared to Africanized honey bees, European honey bees are less aggressive. However, they are far more aggressive than other bee species. This means that they are quick to sting any time they come under real or perceived attack. This makes them very dangerous. Because of this danger, honey bee control should always be done very carefully because the consequences of a botched or ineffective removal can be extremely costly.

Removing Swarms

Honey Bee swarm in treeHoney bee swarms are dense clusters consisting of thousands of bees and a queen. They may be seen moving in the air or hanging on trees, buildings and other structures. They can be fascinating to watch, but for many people, they form a terrifying sight. Often, they are not aggressive. However, they respond aggressively when attacked or when they feel they are in danger. Their stings are not only painful but can be pretty dangerous, especially for people allergic to them. When honey bees settle on trees or buildings, it is often temporarily. During this time, bee scouts would be searching for a new place to take home. Unless the swarms are in an area frequented by people, you should leave them alone as they leave immediately they find a suitable place to settle permanently. However, when the swarm is in a sensitive area like near the entrance of your house or a place frequented by children, then honey bee swarm removal becomes a necessity. Hitting them with stones and other materials often provokes them into a dangerous stinging spree. Using experienced professionals is the safest and most effective method of honey bee swarm removal.

Removing Hives

Honey Bee HiveOnce honey bee swarms find a suitable place to settle, they move in and form a hive. Here they collect honey, rear, new breeds and build combs. They defend the hives more aggressively than nests when they are still in swarms with so much at stake. This makes honey bee hive removal more dangerous and difficult than Huyton-With-Roby honey bee nest removal. Like in honey bee nest removal, self-treatment methods in honey bee hive removal are often counterproductive. Pesticides often contaminate the honey, which can be very dangerous when taken by humans. They are also often ineffective because it is tough to eliminate the hive unless the queen bee is killed.

Whether it is the removal of bee swarms or hives, it is always advisable to let professionals like Young's Pest Control do the job. With their expertise in pest control obtained through years of training and experience, you are guaranteed to have a safe and effective Huyton-With-Roby honey bee nest removal.