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Professional Huyton-With-Roby Flea Treatment

FleaFleas are tiny insects that are hard to identify with the naked eye. This is because they are external parasites and freely move on their host’s skin. However, some factors can help us identify them without any scientific equipment, one being their movement. Fleas can jump at very high heights regardless of their body size, though they cannot fly. Therefore, you can positively identify them by their quick high jumps, especially in places where flea infestation is rampant. In addition, their reddish-brown bodies are covered in spines, and they possess piercing mouthparts that they use to suck blood from their hosts.

Flea reproduction

Fleas lay their eggs almost anywhere. They can, therefore, do so on your carpet, sofa sets, pets or even your bed. Once applied, these eggs will hatch into larvae within two weeks and into pupa within three weeks. They then turn into adults after another two weeks. Therefore, Huyton-With-Roby flea treatment and control by professional companies such as Young Pest Control are necessary for thoroughly getting rid of these parasites before they spread further.

Effective Huyton-With-Roby flea treatment will also ensure that both young and adult fleas are removed from your home. The pesticides used during treatment should never be handled by persons without proper training on using them. Poor usage of such insecticides can cause personal injuries to the user if not handled carefully. Young’s Pest Control staff are trained in safe and hygienic flea removal, and thus you and your family are safe from the danger posed by the pesticides.

Where can a flea infestation occur?

Cat and dog fleasFleas can be found inside our homes, on pets or even on us. Their infestation spreads rapidly because they can move from one place to another through their hosts. Huyton-With-Roby flea treatment will, however, depend on where the infestation is most prevalent. One sure sign of flea infestation is the frequent act of pets scratching themselves, especially dogs and cats. They do so because the parasites cause a lot of discomforts as they pierce their skins and suck the blood from them. This can lead to loss of hair or the development of scabs on the affected pet.

Another indicator would be the presence of flea dirt, in this case, their faeces. This can be found in flea-infested sites such as those mentioned before and are usually dark in colour.

The best Huyton-With-Roby flea treatment method

Professional Huyton-With-Roby flea treatment has always been the best method in eradicating fleas. It, however, requires you to get a company with the right expertise and equipment needed, such as Young’s Pest Control. Once the central area of infestation has been treated, other regions will also be checked by Young’s experts, and if need be, they will be treated. But, again, this can be done most effectively through flea fumigation.

Flea fumigation is mainly focused in areas where pets sleep, as the parasites are likely to be concentrated in such areas. You, therefore, need professionals who know where to find the pests and how best to remove them. Young’s Pest Control will never disappoint you when it comes to pest removal.