bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Huyton-With-Roby BumbleBee Control Services

Any stinging insect that makes it's home close to people will cause a problem, but many people don't think of bumble bees as a threat. Bumblebees can, however, be a serious pest requiring professional Huyton-With-Roby bumble bee control, for a number of reasons:

- Bumblebees that nest near people are a sting hazard. Tree bumblebees, in particular, are aggressive and like to nest around human-built structures, and are easily provoked into attacking.
- The bumblebee's stinger detaches when it attacks and remains stuck in the victim, pumping venom until it is removed. Removing the stinger can be difficult because it is barbed. Stings cause swelling and painful, burning welts and also trigger very serious allergies in those people who are susceptible to them, requiring an immediate trip to the emergency ward.
- Pets can also be stung by bumblebees, and are also susceptible to allergies that will require an emergency trip to the veterinarian. The lazy, bumbling flight pattern of bumble bees makes them an especially interesting target for curious pets.
- Bumblebees, especially tree bumblebees, like to nest in vents and interior spaces of buildings. Nests in vents can create a fire hazard, and nesting in an attic or wall spaces can damage the structure of the building if the nest becomes large.
- Bees that nest inside buildings create a nearly constant buzzing sound, which is aggravating and can lead to lost sleep and stress for the occupants.

Bumble Bee on flowerHuyton-With-Roby bumblebee removal is the only way to ensure that the problem is dealt with. This can be done through physical means - relocating the nest if possible to a remote area - or through insecticide means if relocation is not possible. Regardless of the Huyton-With-Roby bumblebee control method used, leaving the job to experts like the technicians at Young's Pest Control is the safest and easiest approach, for a number of reasons:

- Huyton-With-Roby bumblebee control requires getting close to the nest, risking disturbing the bees and being stung.
- Nests that are in inaccessible places are hard to reach, and using ladders or other equipment carries a risk of falling and being injured.
- Insecticide treatments involve a risk of accidental poisoning or contamination - professionals are trained to handle insecticides safely.

Young's Pest Control is open 24 hours a day, and their friendly staff can take care of any bee problem safely, promptly and at affordable prices.i