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Professional Heswall Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation has the potential to cause significant problems if it takes hold of a property. This means that getting treatment for woodworm removal should be a top priority for anyone that finds evidence of the pest in their home. Having pest control work carried out as early as possible is a way to minimise damage to timbers, and professional treatment will provide the best results in killing off woodworm. Young’s Pest Control offers professional Heswall woodworm treatment spray to property owners, and our affordable service is a reliable way to get rid of the pest.

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

Woodworms hatch from the eggs of a few beetle species, which are the larval stage of these insects. The first instinct of woodworm is to bore inside the wooden object on which the eggs were laid. Their entire life is spent feeding on the starch in the timber, and they will leave a small tunnel behind as they do this. Woodworms can have a lifespan of up to 10 years before they reach maturity, and if enough of them attack a piece of timber, it can cause extensive damage. Wooden objects can be weakened to the point of destruction, and work to repair this can be costly. It is far better to get the Heswall woodworm treatment that furniture and building timbers require to kill off the pest quickly. This should ensure that only minor damage occurs.

Spotting the Pest

Because they live their life out of sight, it is not always that easy to spot a woodworm infestation in the beginning. A few things to look out for, though, can signal that damage is being done.

  • Woodworm larvaeSurface holes: The adult beetles emerging from the pupa of woodworm will bore their way out of the timber. This leaves a small, circular exit hole in the surface and signs of these on an object can signify that more woodworm is inside.
  • Bore Dust: The fine dust created by the adult beetles freeing themselves will be evident on the floor below an object with a woodworm infestation.
  • Dead Adults: The adult beetles live a short life in which they will mate to produce the next generation. They generally lay their eggs on already infested objects, which will worsen the problem if not treated. Finding dead beetles around wooden objects can be a sign of a woodworm problem.

Heswall Woodworm Treatment for Furniture and Structural Timbers

The actual Heswall woodworm removal treatment is dependent to an extent on the beetle species causing the problem. Accurately identifying this is therefore required, and the expertise of a pest control worker will help with this. Young’s Pest Control has the staff capable of identifying the beetles responsible for a woodworm problem. They can inspect the timbers on the property and apply a Heswall woodworm treatment spray to exterminate any insects inside. Our services are available to residential and commercial property owners, so if you suspect that woodworm is infesting the timbers in your building, get in touch with one of our experts to pay a visit.