Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Heswall BumbleBee Control Services

When the warmer months of the year come around, people like to relax and have fun outdoors. But this enjoyment can be spoiled by the invasion of the many types of bees that increase productivity during spring and summer, including the tree bumble bees. This is why, at Young’s Pest Control, we provide services for dealing with any bee problems, including Heswall bumblebee control and bumble bee nest removal. With our experience in bee control, we know how important it is to approach a bee control issue in a safe manner.

Bee Hives and Their Workers

The types of bee that cause control issues for people during the summer are classed as social insects. These are responsible for the hives that appear in inconvenient places, like sheds and roof spaces. Contained within these hives are many worker bees, co-operating towards building and protecting the hive. In the case of honey bees, the numbers of these workers can amount to as many as 50,000. With the various species of bumblebee, the total is much lower, in the hundreds. A recent addition to the types of bumblebee found in the UK is tree bumble bees. As its name suggests, this bee can be found nesting in trees, but they also settle for bird boxes.

Knowing the Dangers

Bumble Bee on flowerThe dangers that bees pose to people come from the fact that they sting and have the potential to do so in numbers. This is why approaching a hive to remove it yourself is dangerous. Without the appropriate personal protective equipment, such as the protective clothing our professionals use, you run the risk of being stung multiple times, and that would be a medical emergency. Also, as is often the case, some hives can turn up in places high up, like up a tree or in a roof. This is another aspect of safety, as reaching a hive high up without the experience and know how can put you at risk of falling.

Our BumbleBee Removal Services

When you call out our professionals, there will be no safety problems. Our workers will have the necessary equipment and experience to guarantee theirs and your safety. With our Heswall bumblebee removal treatment service, we will be able to remove the nest to give you the most effective service possible. Cutting the problem off at the source will solve your Heswall bumblebee control problems.