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Professional Haydock Woodworm Treatment

Wood is an important and valuable material in constructing properties and furniture, owing to its strength and abundance. In homes throughout the UK, you can find wooden flooring, roofing and seating. It should be no surprise, then, that there is also a diverse selection of wood-boring species of beetle that profit off infesting these wooden structures in their search for sustenance.

When this occurs, Haydock woodworm treatment is essential to prevent any further spread of this insect before it’s too late. Customers, therefore, should call our experts at Young’s Pest Control to assess and solve any woodworm infestations as quickly as possible with Haydock woodworm removal products.

The diverse species of beetle

“woodworm” refers to the larvae that eat away at wooden structures before developing into adult beetles and flying away. There are several species of wood-boring beetle found in the UK. The four most common are:Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting

• Common Furniture beetle
• Death Watch Beetle
• House Longhorn beetle
• Powderpost beetle

The Common Furniture beetle likes to feed on softwoods such as pine and spruce, used in flooring, furniture and loft support structures. In contrast, the Death Watch beetle targets hardwoods softened by dry rot, including ash and chestnut.

As you can see, each species has unique preferences and characteristics. However, each is identifiable by the holes they create in wood. Due to their size differences, identifying the species is essential for assessing the extent of any damage caused. The Death Watch beetle, for example, will cause more structural damage to wood because of its size and tendency to tunnel inwards, which leaves no sign of infestation from the outside.

Therefore, it’s essential to call Young’s Pest Control for an expert identification of the species of an infestation and the damage caused. Once this is completed, our professionals will know whether an infestation is active, which wooden structures are infested, what should be replaced and what needs Haydock woodworm treatment spray.

Inspecting wooden structures for woodworm infestation

An infested piece of wood will be structurally compromised by the holes created under the surface, which can be a particular danger in support structures. By their very nature, support structures are designed to take the load of something, such as a person in the case of floorboards.

The signs of a woodworm infestation can be pretty difficult to spot, which makes it all the more vital to call Young’s Pest Control if there is the slightest suspicion. These signs include:Woodworm larvae

• Dead beetles on windowsills
• Holes in the wood where beetles have exited
• Weak floorboards that give way when you step on them

An expert Haydock woodworm treatment spray service

If you call around the professionals at Young’s Pest Control, they will expertly use their knowledge and experience to inspect any affected areas. This will result in a detailed plan of what requires Haydock woodworm treatment with special woodworm removal spray, such as woodworm treatment furniture products, and what may need to be replaced.