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Professional Haydock Mole Trapping

Moles can be a real problem for homeowners. The garden mole can damage lawns, gardens, sports grounds and turf due to their persistent digging. This damage can occur relatively quickly as they are able to dig tunnels at a rate of-of about four meters an hour. At the first sign of a mole infestation homeowners need to contact a professional Haydock mole trapping and control service.

Damage Caused by Mole Infestations

Mole moundThe burrowing by moles can lead to significant damage. The tunnels created by the moles can ruin the roots of young plants. It can also leave debris and stones exposed which can cause damage to machinery. The damage caused by moles can be far more expensive than the cost of having mole pest control performed on your property. A Haydock mole trapping technician can relatively quickly and efficiently remove the moles from your property.

Feeding Behavior Of Moles

The mole is an insectivore which likes to feed on grubs, insects and especially the earthworm. The runs that created by the mole are in fact traps especially for earthworms. When the mole's sense that worm has fallen into the tunnel it will run along to eat it. The saliva of the mole has a toxin which is able to paralyze earthworms. The mole can then store the earthworm so that is able to eat them later on. In order to store the paralyzed earthworm they larder like locations. In certain cases, these larders can contain more than a thousand earthworms. Prior to consuming the earthworm, the mole will squeeze the worm in order to force any dirt out of them.

Moles Breeding

Full size moleMoles in the United Kingdom typically breed between the months of March and May. There is a gestation period of thirty days, with one to two litters born each year. Every litter has three to six young which are then suckled for four to five weeks. After about two months the babies will become independent from their parents.

Expert Haydock Mole Trapping And Mole Control Services

The presence of moles on your property can lead to costly and difficult to repair problems. This is why if you suspect the presence of moles on your property you should contact Young's Pest Control as soon as possible. Call now so that your problem can be quickly treated by our Haydock mole trapping and control experts.