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Haydock Grey Squirrel Control

Environmental Danger Caused by Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrel close upGrey squirrels are not natives of England or any other part of Britain. It was just over a hundred years ago that they were introduced to the British Isles from North America. Yet within this relatively short time, they have managed to spread fast and become dominant over Wales and England. Currently, they are on course to establishing the same domination in Scotland. How have they managed to spread that fast within such a short time span? Three main factors have aided their spread. One, there are very few natural predators that can be depended on for natural Haydock grey squirrel control. Secondly, grey squirrels are prolific breeders. They breed more and much faster than their red counterparts. Lastly, they are very aggressive in looking for new settlements. They are always in search of new and better places to live. As they have spread from one part of Britain to another, they have left a trail of destruction to the environment. Some of that damage is discussed here.

  • Damage to Trees

Grey squirrels are great lovers of sap contained in trees. Unfortunately, this sap is found beneath the bark of trees and contains important nutrients for the tree. For the squirrel to reach it, it has to eat away the bark. Often, it eats it around the whole tree thus preventing translocation of these nutrients within the tree. The result of this has been the destruction of so many trees especially oak and beech trees. Unfortunately, some of the trees that have been destroyed in this manner are ancient woodlands that have a lot of value to Britain's history.

Apart from the destruction of historic woodlands, another major sector that has been hit hard by this destruction has been the timber industry. This is because, by eating away the tree, the grey squirrels significantly degrade the quality of timber that can be obtained from that tree.

  • The threat to Red Squirrels

Grey squirrel pestLack of effective Haydock grey squirrel control is also a big threat to Britain's biodiversity. In particular, they threaten the survival of red squirrels. Grey squirrels are carriers of the squirrel pox virus which kills infected red squirrels. So far there is no vaccine to this virus and, therefore, any red squirrel that gets infected dies.

Given this great threat posed by lack of Haydock grey squirrel control, it is important that squirrel removal is treated with urgency. If you have a squirrel infestation in your area, make sure you contact squirrel pest control professionals like Young's Pest Control for effective squirrel removal.