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Haydock Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs have undergone a population explosion in recent years due to developing resistance to poisons coupled with the warmer weather we have been enjoying.

Bed bugs have been a known human parasite for millennia. As the name suggests, bed bugs are typically found on, in, or around beds and bedding. Therefore, most amateur Haydock bed bug treatment is naturally focused on these areas. However, it is not enough to solely concentrate on your bed or linens.

Anyone who has had problems with these ravenous domestic parasites will tell you how important it is to get a professional Haydock bed bug treatment specialist involved in your bed bug control.

Know your enemy - Bed Bugs

  • Bed BugContrary to popular belief, bed bugs are ambivalent about cleanliness; neither prefer a dirty or clean home.
  • Female bed bugs will lay up to 5 eggs a day until the end of their life span, typically nine months. That's over 500 eggs!
  • Bed bugs go through six moults before becoming sexually mature adults capable of reproducing. Before each moult, they must feed at least once.
  • Bed bugs can survive up to five months without feeding under normal household conditions.
  • One surviving female bed bug can re-generate an infestation in as little as a month.
  • Bed bug bites cause skin rashes, irritation and allergic reactions.
  • Bed bugs have been known to carry MRSA.

Haydock bed bug treatment must consider that the bed bugs have developed a strong resistance to most commercially available bed bug fumigation treatments. They also tend to hide in tiny nooks and crannies, making visual detection difficult due to their size. As I mentioned earlier, an attempt at bed bug removal which solely concentrates on the bed is insufficient. Due to their preference for quiet areas to hide away in, they could feasibly be hidden in any minute crack or area of soft furnishing they can find.

Bed Bug TreatmentWhen you consider this because a single pregnant female can re-infest a home inside of a month, you can see why a professional Haydock bed bug treatment program is so essential. Only a professional bed bug fumigation service can give you the confidence that all areas of infestation have been removed and treated to cleanse the parasites from your home thoroughly.