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Using a Professional Haydock Ant Infestation Removal Expert to Eradicate a Colony

AntsHaving a colony of ants take up residence around your property can be an annoying experience, with an ant infestation in a house or outdoor patio areas typically comprising many thousands of individual insects. The foraging instincts of worker ants mean they quickly hone in on any food and will leave it inedible if they swarm around it. It can prove challenging to get rid of this pest once it has established itself, and an expert's prompt Haydock ant infestation removal is the best solution to the problem. Young's Pest Control can provide ant control treatment that works successfully to eradicate an ant infestation.

Typical Ant Colony Lifecycle

Most ant species have a similar lifecycle, which starts with the nuptial flight. This is when winged queens and males mate and when a flying ant infestation is likely to occur. After mating, the queen ant will lay eggs, and the larvae that hatch from these will eventually pupate to produce the first adult ants. The queen will continue to lay eggs to increase the colony's size, which can lead to a nest having hundreds of thousands of adults. If this is disturbed, it can break up, and in some cases, this may lead to new colonies becoming established elsewhere. This can be a problem when using a DIY ant control treatment, and it can be more sensible to leave the job of Haydock ant infestation removal to professionals.

Ant Species in the UK

Black antAn ant infestation in the UK is likely to be one of only a few types. This includes Garden Ants, with the adult of this species being around 5mm in size and dark brown to black. Pharaoh's Ants are lighter in colour and smaller in size at about 2mm in length. These are the two ants that tend to cause most problems in UK homes, although other species that can invade properties include Pavement, Ghost, and Roger's Ants.

Dealing with Ants

Spotting a flying ant infestation around your home can mean that queens will end up looking for nest sites nearby. This can lead to an ant infestation in house, patio, or garden areas that need to be dealt with, and Young's Pest Control is expert at doing this job. We can track down a nest to apply a Haydock ant Infestation control treatment to destroy a colony. Just call our contact number or get in touch through email to discuss an ant problem and have us deal with it.