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Professional Formby Mole Trapping and Control

Mole in a molehillSitting in the garden on an old wooden chair at dawn and dusk, when you want nothing more than to be in the house relaxing. Fiddling about with expensive, inefficient traps that you don't know how to operate. Doing all of the above and then going out into the garden to find the problem is still there with a vengeance. All the signs of useless home methods at mole control.

Formby mole trapping and control is something which many people try to do themselves, but it really is a largely pointless task and should be left up to a company such as Young's who can employ a professional, effective and humane method of Formby mole trapping.

For those not familiar with laws and legislation, in the UK, anyone wishing to carry out mole control has an obligation to ensure that the animals, however annoying and damaging to your lawn, do not suffer unnecessary pain. Can you honestly guarantee that, if you are trying to get rid of the problem yourself, you'll be able to trap the animal, or kill it without it suffering in agony? Thankfully, Young's will take care of this side of things for you. Not only are they experts in Formby mole trapping and control, but they are also accredited with the Guild of British Molecatchers, meaning they really do know how to sort your mole infestation promptly, effectively, and legally.

What Signs Should I Look For?

Mole moundThe typical signs of moles in your garden are, first and foremost, the large brown mounds that appear when they have come up to the surface, after burrowing through the soil. Moles also like to test the soil for suitability and create tunnels very close to the surface so you may walk into the garden to find raised lines in the dirt. Very occasionally, at dawn and dusk, you may even see a mole come to the surface.

What Can Young's Do?

We can attend any time of day or night, 7 days a week. Our staff are expertly trained in ethical Formby mole trapping and will be able to assess the extent of the problem. Once the immediate threat has been removed, we will be able to lay down further traps to ensure that all moles in the nest have been taken care of and that your mole related headache is taken away. Call us; we'll help you keep your garden looking beautiful and mole free!