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Professional Formby Honey Bee Nest Removal

Like all pests, honey bees can become an invasive and intrusive presence when they occupy part of your home or business premises. Removing them can be a complicated process that involves special handling techniques and equipment. If you suspect an infestation, you should read the information below and call us at Young's Pest Control for advice and high-quality honey bee control.

Honey bee on pink flowerKnow Your Honey Bee


  • A uniform size, about the mean length of a bumblebee
  • A slim and wasp build compared to the round bumblebee
  • Regular stripes, as opposed to the block colouring of bumblebees

Life Cycle

Honey bee colonies are divided into three sophisticated social classes: the queen, the workers, and drones. Queens live for a couple of years, while workers may only live a few weeks. Some key factors make Formby honey bee nest removal a priority for home or business owners:

  • They build perennial nests, meaning they're active year-round
  • Colonies can split into multiple swarms, creating multiple nests
  • Honey bees can number up to 80,000 per nest
  • They will sting if threatened

Honey Bee HiveHabitat

Honey bee swarm removal and honey bee hive removal become a priority when the bees take residence in an area of your grounds or property that prevents proper use. Examples include:

  • Exteriors: trees and undergrowth, as well as sheds, workshops, and outhouses
  • Interiors: wall cavities, air vents, roof soffits, and attic spaces

How To Deal With An Infestation

Remember that honey bees won't attack unless provoked and threatened. If you spot a nest or are troubled by clouds of bees, leave the area and – if necessary – mark it with a warning sign for visitors or clients.

Many people turn to professional Formby honey bee nest removal. However, their presence often restricts the use of grounds and property and can be threatening for family, friends, visitors, clients, and those vulnerable to bee stings.

Do not attempt Formby honey bee nest removal yourself. An expert should carry out even simpler methods like honey bee swarm removal. The fully qualified pest controllers and bee handling experts at Young's Pest Control are on hand to answer your questions and provide the kind of honey bee control right for your property and the protected bees themselves.