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Formby Grey Squirrel Control - The Not So Cuddly Pest

You may think that these cute little critters are innocent and sweet but Think Again!

Grey squirrel on benchAt Young's Pest Control we know just how mischievous these small mammals can be, and that squirrel pest control is necessary. Their tendency to chew through things such as electrical and other wires and pipes can create a fire hazard to your family home. That is why controlling these animals is so important. Trust your Formby grey squirrel control to us.

Things you need to know about the grey squirrel and the Formby grey squirrel control situation.

Grey Squirrels are known to carry fleas which can be passed on to your family pets, thereby introducing a potential infestation risk to your home.

Although they are not known to carry diseases it is entirely possible for them to carry diseases such as Salmonella as well as Leptospirosis via their faeces.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease which can be caught by humans and animals alike. affects humans and animals. In its human hosts, leptospirosis will present with a variety of symptoms - leading some misdiagnosis of other diseases upon occasion. If it is not properly diagnosed and treated (whether or not you have symptoms) it can damage the kidneys, lead to meningitis which is an inflammation of the membrane which covers the spinal cord and brain and cause liver failure and breathing difficulties. Even death is a possibility. Squirrel removal is a health concern.

Grey squirrel pestThey can attack other animals such as pets and people if cornered - so it is important that Formby grey squirrel control is carried out regularly to avoid possible injury to pets or people.

There has been a recent influx in the grey squirrel population so by using Young's Pest Control you help safeguard the population of our native red squirrels for future generations. Grey squirrels are not native to our country, they were introduced from Europe and the United States.

Grey squirrels are more aggressive than native-to-UK red squirrels in their breeding so the food sources become scarce leading to a reduction in the red squirrel population.

If you spot grey squirrels nesting in any area of your home then call Youngs Pest Control services and ask about our Formby grey squirrel control services to make sure your family and pets are safe from these intruders.