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Get The Best Formby Flea Treatment with Young's Pest Control

Formby flea treatment works best when done by professionals such as Young's Pest Control. The reason you want to call us to take care of your flea removal and flea fumigation needs is that we are the experts at Formby flea treatment from prevention to removal and we offer you a one hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Cat and dog fleasSpread from felines, canine, rodents and of course humans
  • Rapid breeding
  • Rapid maturity cycle from egg to adult
  • Quantity - as many as 500 eggs
  • Can return or never fully leave if not treated properly

Main Types of Fleas in the UK

  • Dog flea
  • Cat flea
  • Human flea

Dog fleas prefer canine hosts, cat fleas prefer feline hosts, and human fleas prefer human hosts. You might say that fleas are fast on their feet - because of their relatively flat bodies and long legs they can jump quite a distance in order to land on a host or get closer to a source of food. The main source of food is blood, and they aren't picky when it comes to whose blood - as long as it's from a warm-blooded creature. A household with a dog, cat, and human family makes the perfect buffet for a flea infestation!

Common Myth

Numerous individuals imagine that by utilizing Formby flea treatments from your nearby market they can solve the problem themselves. After they've spent money on home treatments they realize that Young's Pest Control offers the best and most economical option because do it yourself products cannot contain the same type or amount of pesticides as a qualified and professional exterminator. Additionally, having knowledge of on the job experience means that we can advise you on how to prevent future problems with these invaders.

FleaIf you notice little black spots (like pepper) this may be flea droppings. Little red irritated dots on your body or on your pet's body can also be a warning that fleas are near. Check out your bedding and that of your pets for flea eggs. Just because you can see eggs and fleas does not mean you have found the sole source of your flea problem. Don't be lulled by false promises from products advertised on the radio or TV or online.

Young's Pest Control services are upheld to the highest standards of environmental law, local bylaw, and regulation regarding the safe and effective removal of fleas. There is a reason we are qualified and trained - that is so that we can do the best service for you without hurting you, your pets, or the environment.

Here at Young's Pest Control, we have Formby flea treatments such as flea removal, flea fumigation and flea control for your flea infestation through our scope of knowledge, training, and appropriate flea products. The goal is to make them go away and never come back. Your Formby flea treatment crisis is our business! Give us a call and we will get rid of them all!