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Professional Crosby Mole Trapping Services

Mole moundEven though moles are carnivorous in nature, they can destroy your lawn and kill plants. Rarely do they feed on grass or plants roots, but their burrowing activities will damage plants roots and as a result, the affected plants die. Unless professional Crosby mole trapping is done, your beautiful lawn will be destroyed in a matter of days.

Not every homeowner may be an expert in Crosby mole trapping. In fact, most attempts made by people trying to rid off moles from their compounds prove to be futile due to lack of skills required in trapping moles. For instance, trying to trap moles through surface techniques will be ineffective since the rodents prefer moving and living underground. Moles make their nests belowground thus making surface trapping methods useless.

Types of Moles

There are many types of moles around the world. However, the European Mole is the most common in the UK. The rodents live in farmlands and are probably the ones responsible for damages in your garden and lawns. They are highly adapted to their environment thereby meaning that only professional Crosby mole trapping and control can help in case of an infestation

The Common Mole can also be found around beech woods, wildflower meadow, urban areas, Brownfield land, temperate grassland, parkland and broadleaf forest. Knowing their habitats matters a lot since it helps you know the type of mole you are dealing with.

Moles also lead solitary lives regardless of the type. They therefore only come together to mate. In addition, most of them tend to breed between February and May. You should, therefore, hire Crosby mole trapping and control experts before the breeding season starts.

Dangers of Mole infestation

Mole in a molehillAs mentioned before, moles damage plant roots when making their tunnels and nests. Though they do not eat the roots, most plants (especially the ones affected during the burrowing) will dry up. This means your lawn and gardens will eventually be destroyed irrespective of how much you spent on landscaping. Crosby mole trapping and control from a reputable company is, therefore, the best way out.

Professional Mole Control

Undertaking Crosby mole trapping or any other mole control procedure on your own may not be a good idea after all. It lacks the guarantee that professional pest control companies offer. Instead of wasting resources and time on trying ineffective methods, you can simply call Young’s Pest Control and:

• Enjoy quick and effective mole pest control
• Have your other pest control needs to be handled by professionals
• Get response within 24 hours