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Professional Crosby Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee swarm in treeA honey bee hive close to a property poses a danger, as they are notoriously aggressive against perceived intruders, including humans. As a result, our honey bee control experts at Young’s Pest Control are often called out to provide Crosby honey bee nest removal and honey bee swarm removal services for our customers. So if you’ve spotted a hive or swarm, call us, and our Crosby honey bee nest removal professionals will deal with it in no time.

A honey bee’s sting

The honey bee will sting when harmed or defending its nest, delivering venom as it attacks, which can cause pain, swelling, and sometimes allergic reactions. Specifically, the worker bees of a hive will, in effect, sacrifice themselves whilst attacking a threat, as their stinger is barbed and will break off.

Besides worker bees, the other caste within a colony that can sting is the queen. They have a stinger that is not barbed and can, therefore, attack repeatedly.

A queen’s dominance over her colony

Despite honey bee colonies typically consisting of many thousands of workers and drones, the queen will still have overall control of their behaviour and the laid eggs. This is because they can release pheromones that control specific actions in worker bees, such as feeding larvae that will influence their development; fertilized larvae will morph into queens if they are fed royal jelly throughout their growth period.

Signs of a honey bee infestation

Honey Bee Hive• Worker bees will often exit a hive searching for pollen and nectar before returning to feed larvae. Therefore, if you see any honey bees passing in and out of a hole, there will likely be a hive present.
• Male drones, during late summer, will assemble outside a nest whilst waiting for a mate, which is a sign of a honey bee control issue.
• You may hear the collective buzzing of many thousands of bees within a hive if close enough.

Fighting back with our honey bee nest removal services

A honey bee infestation can be pretty intimidating, and the sensible course of action is to call Young’s Pest Control to guarantee a safe Crosby honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal. If you decide to do it yourself, you would need the appropriate equipment, costing you considerably more than using our honey bee control services.