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Professional Crosby Grey Squirrel Control

Why choose us?

Grey squirrel close upAlthough in these economically shaky times, it's understandable that you may be tempted to try dealing with your infestation control problems yourself. However, relative to the costly damage grey squirrels can carry out on your property, investing in second rate DIY pest removal equipment could be a gamble you may not be able to afford. Market research and investigations have revealed that many such products contain low amounts of pesticide and insecticide. For relief you can count on, it is strongly advised you hire the services of an experienced, professional company such as ours.

Information on squirrels

Although grey squirrels are not widely considered to be pests, usually preferring to inhabit woodland and doing nothing more destructive than pulling acorns from trees, a recent population boom has pushed them to find homes in more urbanised areas and greatly increasing the popular demand for Crosby grey squirrel control. Unfortunately, this has led to numerous reports of significant damage to properties all over the UK, making Crosby grey squirrel control an urgent priority to anyone unlucky enough to get an infestation. With reports continuing to spring up nationwide, squirrel removal has become an immediate concern for private property and business owners. When migrating to an urban area, squirrels look to inhabit attics, roof spaces and any manner of outbuilding available. The evidence they leave behind such as small droppings and scratch marks mislead many people into believing they have a mice or rat infestation, hiring the wrong pest control services altogether. Crosby grey squirrel control requires different, specialist tools, as these particular rodents are rarely drawn to food used to catch mice and other, more common pests. They are also known to carry fleas and other parasites, which could be passed onto domestic pets if the property owner does not invest in squirrel removal.

Damage squirrels can cause

Grey squirrel pestWhen seeking a nest in a man-made environment, squirrels look for any sheltered place they can find, which unfortunately includes lofts and crawl spaces found all over the home. Squirrels have extremely strong teeth which continue to grow for their entire lives and can chew through just about any non-metallic material, in order to trim them. At Young's Pest Control, we offer thorough, professional Crosby grey squirrel control with our experienced team and effective, up-to-date equipment. Our baiting and culling services are carried out at your convenience, in a humane, discreet and cost-effective manner.