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Professional Crosby Flea Treatment

Treating a flea infestation can be tricky, and people will often call in the services of Crosby flea treatment specialists to effectively kill off this persistent insect.

If you call Young’s Pest Control, the service you get will involve setting out a plan to return your home to normality with Crosby flea treatment. First, we will inspect your property to ascertain the extent of the infestation, and this will inform us on what treatments to use. Then, with interventions such as flea fumigation, we will set out to disrupt the reproduction cycle of this insect so that it will be gone for good.

The difficulty in removing an infestation

Cat and dog fleasIt is so difficult to eradicate an infestation because once a flea infests a host, such as a cat, it lays eggs that will roll off as the host moves around. Therefore, wherever the host walks, rests, and sleeps, these eggs will be present, such as carpeting, bedding, and furniture.

Eventually, after 2 to 14 days, these eggs will hatch into larvae. At this stage, they will reside wherever they hatched and feed on flea faeces, other insects, and organic matter. Doing so will help them develop through three larval stages before weaving a cocoon from debris to begin the pupal stage. This stage lasts another two weeks at most, and then the pupa is ready to emerge as an adult flea. However, the time to appear is dependant on certain outside stimuli such as vibrations and temperature.

As you can see, an infested home will be riddled with all forms of the flea, and it’s therefore not enough to target adult fleas. For this reason alone, seeking effective Crosby flea treatment from Young’s Pest Control makes sense because we will offer flea fumigation at strengths not seen with DIY treatments, which will target all areas of a home.

Stopping an infestation spreading with flea control

Importance of getting to grips with an infestation at the earliest possible stage is therefore essential. Knowing the signs this pest will present to you when they first invade your property will allow you to stop it from spreading with Crosby flea treatment at the first indications, which include:
• Unexplained itchy bite marks that appear as an inflamed dark red spot, usually on the legs.
• Fleas leave behind debris as they move around, such as faeces, eggs and dried-up blood.
• Pets that itch and present rashes are most likely infested and should be inspected.
• Related pests such as rodents seen in or around your property that are known to carry fleas.

Returning to normality

A flea infestation can often be stressful for all occupants, including pets, because there’s a constant need to be looking out for this insect wherever you move and rest. Therefore, call Young’s Pest Control today to return your household to normality with Crosby flea treatment plans and remove this invader from your lives.