Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Crosby BumbleBee Control Services

Bumble Bee on flowerHomeowners or business owners that have a problem with bumblebees in or around their buildings are not alone. In fact, tree bumblebees coming over from Europe make complaints about bumblebee infestations more and more common. Of course, no one wants to take the chance of being stung by any bumblebee, but stinging is just one of the dangerous or irritating effects of having bumblebees around.

Bumblebees are associated with many health and safety risks:

- Painful stings, in which the stinger remains embedded in the skin and continues to inject venom until it is removed.
- Serious allergic reactions in susceptible people. Bee allergies can require hospitalization and can even be lethal.
- Noise and irritation from colonies inside walls or attics cause stress and sleep loss.
- Bees nesting in vents can lower indoor air quality and create a fire hazard.
- Tree bumblebees are aggressive and respond to any nest disturbance by attacking.

Having a colony of bumblebees living in or around the house is not an ideal situation, but Crosby bumblebee control comes with its own set of risks:

- Provoking an attack or swarm while approaching or manipulating the nest.
- Damage to property while gaining access to the nest or applying a Crosby bumblebee control treatment.
- Risk of falling from ladders or other heights while gaining access to a high-up nest.
- Risk of cuts and scrapes or becoming stuck while approaching a nest in a confined area like an attic or under a patio.
- Risk of accidental insecticide exposure while handling bumblebee removal products, or risk of contaminating the area and creating problems for pets and wildlife later on.

Bumble BeeCrosby bumblebee nest removal is not an easy task. Even if an untrained individual manages to approach and treat the nest without being stung or injured, there is no guarantee that the colony won't just come back. Proper bee control means ensuring the queen is removed or destroyed, and being confident of this comes with experience.

Young's Pest Control offers 24-hour availability and competitive rates for professional pest control services provided by staff who can correctly identify the pest and apply the right treatments to ensure it is adequately dealt with and won't come back. So stay safe indoors and call the experts at Young's to handle your Crosby bumblebee control problem safely and effectively.