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Crosby Bed Bug Treatment Experts

Your Bed Should Be Safe...Call Young's, And It Will Be!

There is nothing worse than buying a nearly new mattress or sofa, getting it home, and then finding out up to a few weeks later that you require Crosby bed bug treatment. Unfortunately, this is an all too common problem, but there is good news; Young's Pest Control can sort the problem for you.

About Bed Bugs

Bed BugBed bugs are parasitic pests that tend to inhabit sofas and mattresses due to their preference of habitat and mainly nocturnal nature. Their primary food source is human blood; therefore, these pests will hide in mattresses (often up to several months) and come out at night, when the person sleeping in the bed will be moving less and unlikely to notice their presence. Thus, our nighttime habits provide an ideal place for them to feed and then move on.

They are brown in appearance and can be up to the size of an average apple seed. Unfortunately, more minor bed bugs and those not fed are around the same colour as a mattress, making them very hard to see. This is why professional Crosby bed bug treatment may be required.

How Do I Know If I Need Crosby Bed Bug Treatment?

Symptoms of bed bug control are very noticeable. Many homeowners will report finding red bite marks on their skin, which are the result of bites several days previously; by this time, the bugs will have fed and returned to their hiding place.

Other telltale signs are red blotches on the bed; this typically occurs when the bugs have fed and the sleeping person has rolled over and squashed the bug.

In worst-case scenarios, bed bugs have also spread to other upholstery and seldom worn clothes in cupboards. A proper, professional Crosby bed bug treatment will establish the true extent of the infestation and nature of bed bug removal required.

Why Should I Call Young's?

Bed Bug TreatmentWe have over 20 years of experience in pest control, including Crosby bed bug treatment. We can attend your home or commercial premises 24 hours a day and provide the best type of Crosby bed bug treatment appropriate to the circumstances. It is virtually impossible to effectively deal with bed bugs by yourself due to their elusive nature. Our friendly, expert staff will be able to professionally take care of the problem, killing the immediate threat and any larvae that may hatch later. We'll solve the problem and make sure it stays solved.