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Professional Bootle Woodworm Treatment

Signs of a woodworm infestation can be a worry to any home or a business owner. The damage that is being done beneath the surface may not be apparent. However, a few telltale signs, such as minor deposits of dust or tiny holes, can lead to panic and speculation about the scale of the problem. Young's pest control experts evaluate woodworm infestation and prescribe the best course of action to treat your pain.

For those who have never been a victim of woodworm, the problem can be confusing and daunting. Unfortunately, Bootle woodworm treatment is a subject that most people aren't exceptionally knowledgeable about. Here are some facts about woodworm to get you up to speed:

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm is not a single species. Instead, the term refers to the larvae of several different beetle species.

Woodworm is seasonal. Their main period of activity is from May to October.

Woodworms will infest internal and external timber.

The adult beetles are attracted to light and can often be found around window sills.

The Deathwatch beetle is indigenous to the UK. However, its larvae have been responsible for damage to many historic estates.

Different species are attracted to other kinds of wood.

Most people think that woodworm only affects older buildings and antique furniture. This isn't the case. They will take advantage of any viable habitat. The larvae favour damp conditions as they soften the wood. This makes bathrooms a common target. The Bootle woodworm treatment will be tailored towards the nature of the infestation. For example, Woodworm treatment furniture cases will require different strategies to floorboard or structural-timber infestations.

The woodworm larvae burrow beneath the surface of wood, consuming it as they go. They leave networks of tiny tunnels, weakening the wood. This can happen to household furniture or structural beams. Outbuildings and external woodwork are also at risk, as the increased humidity provides more favourable conditions.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingIdentification of the problem can come from the tiny piles of sawdust deposited around furniture. Some beetle species also emit a characteristic clicking sound. This is particularly noticeable in the deathwatch beetle. Spotting these signs at an early stage will save a lot of expense and time later on. If you have some suspicions but are unsure about the problem, please give us a call, and we will look into your situation.

If left unchecked, woodworm can cause severe structural damage to buildings. Professional advice must be sought as soon as the pest is detected. Bootle woodworm treatment spray can save the structural timbers if the problem is caught in time. We can tell you exactly how widespread your problem is.

A trained individual must deploy bootle woodworm removal treatment spray to eradicate the problem. Partially removing an infestation will only lead to it coming back again. We will provide a plan of action to remove the problem and to stop it from coming back. We offer cost-effective and practical therapies, whether a Bootle woodworm treatment furniture spray or a more in-depth treatment.