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Professional Bootle Mole Trapping and Control Methods

If you wake up one morning and look out with pride at your garden, expecting to see an immaculate lawn and find a collection of ugly looking dirt tracks and molehills instead, then your garden's earthworms have attracted the attention of a hungry mole.

The mole in your garden is building a collection of tunnels beneath your lawn to dig for earthworms and because moles eat more than their body weight in earthworms all day and every day. As it does this, the entire lawn is ripped apart in a short space of time in its quest for food.

If you've noticed damage to your garden and you suspect it's a mole because of its suddenness, don't hesitate to contact Young's Pest Control. With the professional Bootle mole trapping and control treatment and the cost-effective strategies offered, your lawn will be reclaimed before the number of molehills gets too much.

Facts about moles themselves

Full size mole1. A mole's activity is usually in the early morning, though research shows they sleep and work in four-hour intervals, so they work day and night.
2. Moles are built for underground life; their bodies are cylindrical. Their heads are broad, flattened, and their eyes are tiny, but they have a good sense of smell.
3. Moles have an "insatiable appetite" to eat 70 to 100% of their body weight.
4. Adult males are solitary animals.

Mole trapping

There is plenty of misleading information on Bootle mole trapping.
1. Useless advertised products that don't do what they're supposed to and cause more damage to your lawn than the moles have.
2. Some methods use hazardous traps, which is the last thing you should want. You don't want to damage your garden.

Young's pest control operatives are trained to trap moles quickly and painlessly to the mole and your lawn, of course.

Mole pest control

Mole in a molehillTo deal with a mole problem, you need to report it quickly, or it will get worse.
1. Once the mole has found a source of grubs and earthworms. They will build a tunnel network and eat, damaging the garden in the process.
2. Rumours of poor quality products can ruin your garden, and more moles can appear, making the Bootle mole trapping and control situation harder.

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