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Professional Bootle Honey Bee Nest Removal

A complex social structure and their value to the environment as pollinators make honey bees fascinating insects. Unfortunately, fascination can quickly turn to frustration when they set up a home on your property. Many home and business owners discover that professional Bootle honey bee nest removal is the only practical option.

Beware The Honey Bee!

Honey bee on pink flowerCute though they may be, honey bees are a social insect that lives in hives containing as many as 80,000 insects. Worse, their nests are perennial, meaning they will be active throughout the year, albeit in diminishing numbers.

There are some essential things you need to know when dealing with Bootle honey bee nest removal:

  • When threatened, honey bees excrete a pheromone that triggers other bees nearby
  • They will sting when attacked or provoked
  • They can split into multiple swarms, each building a new nest
  • Safe and effective honey bee hive removal takes an expert

Honey bees will construct a nest in interiors and exteriors, taking up residence wherever there are shelter and easy access to the outside. Familiar places for infestation include wall cavities, loft spaces, air vents, and workshops. Hard-to-reach areas require expertise and skill to treat adequately.

Professional Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee swarm removal and bee control require complex pest control methods and equipment, sometimes including potent insecticides.

As the bees are a protected species, we at Young's Pest Control will do everything we can to relocate, rather than exterminate, the colony. If you spot a nest or infestation, you should never attempt Bootle honey bee nest removal yourself but should call one of our fully trained honey bee control experts.

Honey Bee HiveDon't be put off dealing with your infestation because honey bees are protected. Your property is not a conservation area, and there are many reasons for a honey bee swarm removal, including:

  • Danger the vulnerable, such as the young, elderly or infirm
  • Invasive and intimidating behaviour
  • Restricted access to areas of your property or utilities
  • Limited access to your garden or grounds

Remember that honey bees are territorial and perennial, and as such, they can become a nightmare if left untreated. There are many options for honey bee control, and our fully trained pest controllers and bee handling experts are sure to find an option that suits you, your property and the bees themselves.