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Professional Bootle Ant Infestation Removal

An ant infestation is referred to as a colony. Ant colonies consist of a largely female population that are all (except the queen ants) and a small number of fertile male ants known as drones.  Ants are related to bees and wasps, and an ant infestation can have similarities with their stinging cousins. In addition, ants are voracious and forage for food great distances from the colony.

Due to their drive to find food, any food or food debris left out in the domicile can lead to an ant infestation in the house. Ants communicate by leaving pheromone trails from the colony to any food supplies they find. This means that when one ant happens across something edible, or a path into your residence, the other ants will be informed of it and will swarm in to gather as many resources as they can.

Ant life cycleBlack ant

  • An impregnated queen makes a nest and lays her eggs.
  • The eggs hatch after one to four weeks and become grubs tended to by the queen for a further two weeks.
  • The grubs have grown into worker ants that forage for food and look after further generations of grubs produced by the queen.
  • When it is time to mate again, fertile male and queen ants grow wings and become airborne.
  • Flying ant infestation typically take place in mid-July. The swarming typically lasts for around 2-3 hours until mating is completed, then the male ants die, and the females lose their wings.
  • Seeing flying ants inside during the winter suggests that your house has a flying ant infestation which would require a Bootle infestation removal ant treatment to prevent multiple colonies from being established inside your home.

Professionals best attempt bootle ant control as merely spraying or baiting the ants. You can see this is mainly ineffective as they comprise just a tiny fraction of the total ant infestation - approximately 10% of the colony are scouts and foragers. Techniques that will carry the poison back to the central territory are essential until the queens are dead. Then, the settlement will continue to grow.

Ant control must be carefully conducted as most publicly available Bootle ant infestation removal treatments can pose health risks to animals and children. Bootle ant infestation removal treatment needs to act on the mature ants and the developing grubs.