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Mole's Destructiveness: Why You Need Birkenhead Mole Trapping and Control

Even though they look like rats and mice, moles are not actually rodents but belong to the same family as bats. What they have in common with mice and rats is a destructive capacity especially when there is no effective Birkenhead mole trapping or control. Most of this destruction is caused by digging of tunnels to and fro their feeding areas. Here are some of the areas in homes that often bear the brunt of mole activity.

Gardens and Flowerbeds

Mole moundMoles are not herbivores and, therefore, do not directly eat flowers or plants in the garden. However, through their tunnel digging, they indirectly lead to the destruction of gardens and flower beds. The main diet of moles is worms and grumps. Unfortunately, most of these worms are often near roots of plants and flowers. As the moles dig their tunnels to reach these worms, they remove the soil surrounding the roots and, therefore, leave them exposed. This leaves the roots disconnected from water and mineral salts which are the main nutrients of plants. Without them, the plant can't produce food. As a result, the plant or flower dries up. Another way tunnels dug by moles can lead to the destruction of your garden and flowerbed is through their usage by voles. Unlike moles, voles are herbivores and feed on tubers and roots of plants and flowers. By using the tunnels dug by moles, they can easily reach these roots and eat them up.


Moles do not directly destroy the lawn but they make it lumpy and ugly. As the moles dig tunnels, they release a lot of soil and dirt. This often accumulates at their feeding area. This pile of excess soil and dirt is called a molehill. Molehills make an ugly sight when scattered on your lawn.

Mole in a molehillGiven this destructiveness, an effective Birkenhead mole trapping and control strategy that involves quick mole trapping and removal is necessary when you have a mole pest control problem. Generally, moles are loners. Even if your garden or lawn has numerous molehills, chances are high there might be only one or two moles present. Yet, even controlling these two can be a tall order for moles are not only hard workers but they can work both during the day and at night. This means that when you close one tunnel during the day, they can easily dig up another one as long as their source of food has not been exhausted. This digging up and closing of tunnels increases the destruction of your gardens and lawns. It is, therefore, important that you contact experts in mole control like Young's Pest Control for effective Birkenhead mole trapping and removal.