Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Birkenhead BumbleBee Control

Everyone has that one friend or relative who likes to try doing everything themselves - and frequently ends up with cuts, scrapes or broken tools and a damaged home as a result. Some jobs anyone can master, but for most jobs calling in the experts is the smartest way to go. This is as true for pest control as it is for anything else - trying to tackle a pest problem without the knowledge, experience and equipment the experts have usually resulted in ineffective treatment, a bite or a sting, insecticide contamination or property damage. When dealing with bumblebees, there is the added risk of an allergic reaction.

BumbleBee Hazards

Bumblebees are a social insect that forms large hives centred around a queen. Most of the bees in the hive are closely related to each other, and they will do anything to protect their family members. Even though bees die after stinging if it means saving the queen they will happily attack anything they think is a threat.
Bee stings are painful. The venom sack is attached to the stinger and continues pumping venom into the wound until it is removed, causing a painful burning feeling. For people with allergies to bee venom, this means a severe anaphylactic reaction that can even put them in the hospital.

Tree BumbleBees

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Relatively new to Britain, tree bumblebees have an area of ginger coloured fuzz instead of the usual yellow stripes that most bees display. They are particularly troublesome because they are more likely than other species to nest in and near man-made structures like houses, and are also more aggressive than other bees. They patrol the nest and are easily provoked by anything that transmits vibrations into the hive. Tree bumblebees can also block vents by nesting in them and create a surprisingly loud buzzing sound if they nest in the attic.

Birkenhead BumbleBee Removal

Sometimes Birkenhead bumblebee control means simply relocating a nest to a less busy area where it won't be a problem. This should only be done by people with bee handling knowledge and experience, and sometimes it isn't possible. Birkenhead bumblebee control experts like the staff at Young's Pest Control can quickly assess the extent of the problem and decide on the best Birkenhead bumblebee removal treatment for the situation. With prompt, professional service and low prices, Young's makes pest control safe and easy.