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Professional Birkenhead Rat Control

Brown RatRats are always a nuisance and there’s no one who loves to live with them. They cause a good number of serious diseases and can destroy your belongings in a short period of time; that’s why you should never allow them to make a home out of yours. Rats are more likely to come into your building during cold seasons in search of food and warmth. Those you see around your building could either be the Norwegian rats or roof rats, but how do you differentiate the two?

• Norwegian rats: They are large and bulky than roof rats. Most of them have brown far on their body and a greyish brown belly. They have furless ears and shorter tails compared to their body length, which is about 16 inches. In addition, their droppings are around 3 inches long.

• Roof rats: Roof rats get their name from the fact that they mostly reside in high places such as roofs and trees. They are slimmer than their counterparts and their bodies measure about 14 inches. However, they have larger eyes and ears. When it comes to colour, their bodies are covered with black fur while their bellies are white or grey.

Professional Birkenhead rat control experts will help you identify the type of rat that has infested your home. On top of that, they have the skills and technique required to get rid of rats. DIY pest control treatment methods are in most cases not effective and within a short time, you get to realize that the rats are back.

Why should you get rid of rats?

ratSince they like climbing, roof rats will in most cases damage structures as they gnaw on wires and wood. They are also likely to reduce your harvest when they climb on a tree and eat the fruits. On the other hand, when Norwegian rats create burrows, they reduce the stability of buildings above. This may also block sewers and spoil how the landscape of a yard looks.

In addition to damage, rats spread diseases such as murine typhus, rat bite fever, salmonellosis leptospirosis and plague. These shouldn’t be a worry once you get rid of rats. However, the only way that they can be completely taken care of a Birkenhead rat infestation is with pest control treatment. Young’s pest control experts are the best in rat control given their experience, knowledge and equipment. They will also educate you on sanitation and exclusion methods to prevent rat infestation in the future.