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Professional Withington Grey Squirrel Trapping

If you have been seeing more and more grey squirrels on yourGrey Squirrel control property, it is crucial to take action before they cause any severe damage. Grey squirrels are considered a pest in the UK, as they can cause extensive damage to both homes and businesses. Here at Withington Grey Squirrel Trapping, we discuss the dangers of grey squirrels on your property and why you should hire a reliable Squirrel Trapping company. Grey squirrels are not native to the UK as they were brought to the country in 1870. Therefore, squirrel control is essential and should be left to the experts.

Damage to Your Property

Grey squirrels can cause much damage to your property. This Squirrel Control treatmentis especially true if they are living in a tree that hangs over or near your home, as they can cause much damage from falling branches and nuts. They also tend to gnaw on nearly every surface they come across. This includes power lines, porch railings, gutters and shingles. The damage that a single grey squirrel can cause to your property in its lifetime can amount to thousands of pounds and even cause a severe fire on your property from chewing through electrical cables.

Grey squirrels typically nest in tree cavities, but they can also nest in attics, chimneys and garages. If you have a grey squirrel infestation, it is vital to contact a professional Squirrel Pest Control company right away. By using their services, you will be able to get rid of the squirrels and prevent them from further damaging your property.

Why are squirrels constantly gnawing on hard objects?

It is essential to understand why grey squirrels gnaw on wood or brick. Grey squirrels gnaw on wood or brick as a way to wear down their incisors. The incisors of a grey squirrel grow continuously, so they need to be ground down regularly. If the grey squirrels cannot grind down their incisors, the teeth can become too long and cause health problems for the squirrel. In addition, they use their urine to leave scent marks, which is how they communicate with other grey squirrels. When squirrels chew on wood or bricks, it can be difficult to determine why they are doing so. However, there are many reasons why Woodley Squirrel Pest Control recommends removing them from your property as soon as possible.

When do they breed

Grey squirrels breed twice a year, and the breeding season varies by location. In general, the breeding season begins inSquirrel Control treatment February and lasts until June. However, the breeding season can start as early as November and last until August. After a 45-day gestation period, the grey squirrel will give birth to two to six young after a 45-day gestation period. At around eight weeks old, the young will be weaned and completely independent at about four months old.

As we’ve seen, squirrels can be a real nuisance when they invade our homes or businesses. They can cause extensive damage and contaminate food supplies. While some DIY methods are out there for getting rid of these rodents, it’s always best to leave the job to the professionals. At grey squirrelSquirrel Pest Control, we have years of experience trapping and removing squirrels from properties. We also have extensive knowledge about squirrel behaviour and habits to provide a comprehensive solution to your pest problem. So give us a call today if you need any more information about how we can deal with these pesky rodents who want nothing more than to invade your property and make it theirs too.